The Gamelatron draws on the thousand-year-old sonic tradition of Indonesia--Gamelan--and the emerging field of robotics to create magical, viscerally-powerful, site-specific performances, installations and stand alone art works.

Our mission is to innovatively bring the legacy and creative cultural power of gamelan to new shores, new people and communities. We also aim, in the coming years, to develop ingenous methods to preserve and revive extraordinary gamelan traditions rarely heard or passed on to the new generation.

The essence of the Gamelatron is in the live experience: Handcrafted, masterfully-tuned orchestras of vibraphones, drums, chimes, bells and resonating bronze gongs played by robotic mallets are installed to immerse the audience in living kinetic sculptures.

Compositions range from solitary reverberations of massive gongs and singing chimes to full ritual or storytelling orchestrations.

Whether compositions are created live or pre-programmed, the instruments are always live, tuned, as they have been for centuries, to uniquely impact the human body.