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The Gamelatron is a very versatile project. It has been designed to be modular and can be retrofitted to any architectural landscape. Each gong has a bracketed mounting system that allows the instrument and its robotic counterpart to be fixed to any surface or stand freely on a level plane. Compositions can be looped on continuous play or triggered by the audience or attendant through a user interface often made with colorful arcade buttons. Gamelatron installations are essentially live and can run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for months or years at a time.

The installations themselves are sound mandalas that we adapt to the size and scale of the surroundings. Most of the gongs in the Gamelatron collection are tuned in pairs, with one gong slightly higher in pitch than the other. Compositionally the 2 often ring at the same time creating a special phasin effect or tonal beating pattern called ombak (Indonesian: Wave). We mount to the walls, ceilings, and floors spacing the pairs out to accentuate this acoustic phenomenon. The instruments are often at various heights surrounding the audience for a complete immersive experience.

We have created installations of different scales for various durations in museums, galleries and art fairs as well as private residencies, businesses, wellness centers, and specials events and festivals.
Contact: booking@gamelatron.com