The Gamelatron is an acoustic instrument. For almost all applications with the exception of large concerts, the music of the Gamelatron is presented without any amplification. We do not typically use microphones, pickups or sound system. Part of what makes the Gamelatron special is the audience's physical encounter with the resonance of the gongs. Below we have some recordings of the Gamelatron that are for references only. The arrangement of the gongs in the space is always a large influence on how the music is perceived. We have no intention of releasing albums and selling recordings of the Gamelatron. Rather to fully experience the Gamelatron we encourage you to be in its presence.

Circling the Center, a snip of the composition that played night and day in The Temple of Transition.

Download: 9:21 11mb
Special thanks to Bradford Smith for the recording.

Live excerpt from GEZ21
(The Gallery of Experimental Sound)
in St. Petersburg, Russia October 2,2010
Download the excerpt 12.3 megs 192k:

Live excerpt from Club Vozduh in Moscow, Russia October 9,2010

Download of the entire show, 1:09:28 127mb 256k:
Special thanks to Dok and Peter Principle for sound engineering. The recording, and live stream of the show is courtesy of Underheaven Soundworx Unity, a technical community supported by the Ambione Foundation.

Bukkan Recorded at 23 windows Studio Brooklyn, September 2009

Download 6:15 7mb 192k:

Kuning: Sun Through The Trees, The comosition behind the yellow button that lives in the east

Download: kuning_sunthroughthetrees.mp3, 2:18 2.6meg

An audio recording of Clock Mode from the Clocktower Gallery presented on Art On Air International