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The Gamelatron Tirta Asli

Dates: April 2010
Exhibited: Techshop SF, Indaha-a-nova Portugal, Manage Hall St Petersburg Russia, Proyek Frabik Moscow Russia, St. Cecilia's Convent Brooklyn, Sundaram Tagore Gallery New York, The University of Colorado at Boulder

Description: Tirta Asli is a modular site specific installation art work. It features 11 Trompong kettle gongs, 12 Reyong kettle gongs, Klentong, Kempli, 2 hanging gongs, 2 ceng-ceng and 4 Kopyak all retrofitted with machanical mallets on individual steel mounts. Tirta means water that comes from rocks in the earth, like an earth fountain, and Asli means original or native.

WIRED interview, Feb 29, 2012

Walking Through The Gamelatron Tirta Asli installation at TechShop SF