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Gamelatron Ucapan Syukur

Dates: September 2015

Ucapan Syukur in Bahasa Indonesia roughly equates to Gratitude in english.
This Gamelatron is intended to be a gift of appreciation.

Gamelatron Ucapan Syukur is made from 1 Bronze Balinese Reyong set tuned to Pelog nem Kebyar Style, consisting of 12 kettel gongs with a Kempli (metronome), and 2 hanging gongs (Kempur and Gong Agung) made from steel and brass with a patina finish. The mounting sculpture is made from welded Silicon Bronze and Patinate Steel. Each gong is retro-fitted with anodized aluminum robotic levers for stained jackfruit tree wood and dyed cotton mallets.