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Gamelatron Kembang Cempaka

Dates: February 2013
Location: Mahola in Michi Retreat, Jakut Paku, Bali, Indonesia

Description: The Gamelatron Kembang Cempaka is a site specific small scale commission at Mahola, a special rare crystal gallery and meeting space beside Michi Retreat Center in Jakut Paku Bali approximately 5km south of Ubud. This installation features 16 Balinese gongs: 10 from a traditional Trompong tuned to Pelog in a Gamelan Gong Gede style with an additional 2 notes borrowed from the Reyong section, as well as a 85cm Gong Agung, Gong Kempur, Klentong, kempli and Ceng-ceng cymbals on a wood carved drogan turtle tuned by Bapak Wayan Sukerta in Blahbatu. Aaron Taylor Kuffner fabricated all of the kinetic sculptures out of steel and aluminum, designed the installation and created 333 minutes of new and re-imagined compositions for playback.