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Gamelatron Urban Sanctuary at the Chimney Brooklyn

Dates: October 2015

Description from the Press Release: The Chimney NYC is pleased to present The Gamelatron Urban Sanctuary by Aaron Taylor Kuffner. With his sonic kinetic sculpture Gamelatron Cemerlang (Indonesian: Bright, Slang: Bling), Kuffner turns an Indonesian folk object, the gong, into “bling”, and re-contextualizes the ancient archaic ritual tradition to envelop the audience with his sculptures. The artist uses exhibitions of the Gamelatrons to create sanctuaries both in public and private spaces. He views the body of the work as an offering to the observer.

Gamelatron Cemerlang is made from 27 mirror polished bronze Javanese gongs on five free standing steel towers, Kuffner transforms The Chimney into a beautiful respite for the public. Kuffner's Gamelatron Project exposes us to the rich and profound nature of resonance and its effect on the psyche. It strives to create a harmony in the tension of fusing the East and the West, the Modern and the Ancient. The Gamelatron's contrasting materials and mechanisms tell us a story of globalization and modernization.