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Gamelatron Bunga Kota (City Flower)

Dates: March 2012
Exhibited: Gamelatron DUMBO Showspace, Metro Toronto Convention Center, University of Dayton, Sundaram Tagore Gallery Hong Kong, Times Square Urban Sanctuary

Description: The Gamelatron Bunga Kota (City Flower) is a modular site specific installation art work. It features 10 Trompong kettle gongs, 12 Reyong kettle gongs, Klentong, Kempli, 4 hanging gongs, 2 ceng-ceng and 4 Kopyak all retrofitted with machanical mallets on individual steel mounts.

Photos by Nadia Anderson

View of the Padma Bhuwana and accompaning instruments.

View of the Floor mounted system with teak wood carvings and sugar palm frames.

Detail of Individual brakets for gogn and robotic mallet.

Detail of floor mounted individual bracket for the metronome gong call kempli.

Detail of a wood carved dragon turtle with bronze hand cymbals called Ceng-Ceng on steal brackets.

Detail of an arcade button midi controller in bamboo and sugar palm box with red laser etched acrylic lotus flower.

(left) Gong Kempur made of solid pounded Bronze, (right) Gong Suwuk made of Steel and Bronze, both with Black Patina Steel mounting system and robotic mallet counterpart.

(left) detail of Gong Agung made of solid pounded Bronze, (right) Robotic hand cymbal called Ceng-Ceng Kopyak