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The Empire Of Love

Dates: July 28 - August 4th 2012
Location: Indanha-a-nova, Portugal
Description: The Empire of Love was built by the LA based artist named Shrine. The structure was made mostly from reclaimed and recycled materials standing on a platform with 12-sides in 2 rings with an inner tower 37ft high placed on the banks of Lake Indanha-anova in eastern Portugal. The project was funded by and displayed at the Boom Festival. The Gamelatron installed 32 gongs, 8 cymbals and a bell on the columns of the inner and outer ring as well as placing the deeper toned gongs at the base of the tower. The Gamelatron played without stopping for 211 consecutive hours looping 332 minutes of original content.

A 12-minute continuous shot, walking around and inside of the Empire of Love.

Boom WebTV Day 5, Shrine, Heather Shaw, Josh Flemming, Taylor Kuffner

Photos By Erin Ellen Kelly