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Gamelatron Angka Lung

Dates: March 2014

Description: This is a self contained Gamelatron piece featuring 4 antique small bronze kettle gongs (Reyong) and 1 hanging bronze gong (Kempur) from the Balinese Gamelan Angklung. The piece is 44 inches x 34 inches, mounted on 1 inch thick solid stained African Mahogany. All of the gongs were artistically treated with sanding, grinding and various patina. All electronics are embedded in the wood mounting systems with button controllers to trigger songs along the right edge and data communication ports along the left edge.

Angka means tone, and lung means broken or lost. It is speculated that the 2 words together are the basis for Angklung, which is a style of gamelan music native to Indonesia. The gongs in this piece are tuned to a 4-note selndro tuning common in Balinese Angklung Gamelan sets.